Welcometo A • Morse

Here you will find colorful bracelets with “secret” morse code messages, handmade by me.

My name is Cathrina, I am a Norwegian living north of Copenhagen in Denmark. I have always loved creativity, colors and words, which is why I absolutely love making and wearing the morse code bracelets.

The combination of the lively colors and the personal messages beaded into the bracelets, to carry on your arm everyday, gives me joy and energy.

Sometimes, something as little as a bracelet can actually mean a lot. Perfect as a gift for someone you love - or yourself! And the good thing is also that the bracelets look even better together. 


About the bracelets


How to read the morse code

It is always placed in the middle of the bracelet. Dot is 1 colored pearl, Dash is 2 gold plated or silver pearls. Here is an example of the morse code for

MOTHER - - / - - - / - / • • • • / • / • - • 

I translate most languages into morse code and I am happy to make bracelets with your own personalized message, in the colors you choose. Please order “Bracelet of your own choice” in the webshop and write an e-mail to tell me what your choices are.

The custom made bracelets require a longer production time and are therefore priced higher. 


How to take care of your bracelet

As with all plated jewelry, the colors will fade and have patina with time and use. I recommend that you take the jewelry off when you work out, sleep, take a bath, do housework etc. Please do also avoid contact with soap and chemicals. 

I hope you love the bracelets as much as I do!

Best regards



E-mail: cathrina.espeland@gmail.com

Instagram: @amorse.dk